Lanseria Flight Centre
Lanseria Flight Centre aviation academy in Johannesburg, is South Africa’s top flight training school. FlyLFC offers the best in pilot training courses and ratings. LFC is conveniently situated at Grand Central Airport. It is easily accessible from the N1 highway, between Johannesburg and Pretoria and within the proximity of the Midrand Gautrain Station and the Civil Aviation Authority. LFC flight training school is here to support you in realising your dreams and to obtain your professional pilots licence. We render outstanding instruction in ground school training, private pilot licences, commercial pilot licences and helicopter training. Whether you are an international or South African applicant, kick-start your adventure by contacting us, and enrol now! Established in 1989 we are one of South Africa’s leading flight training establishments. The company has since enjoyed exponential growth, and expanded into other areas of aviation operating a fleet of over 22 aircraft. LFC has a dedicated approved AMO, FBO maintenance operation and operates, three Sport Cruisers, nine 172s, C177RG, Cessna 182, Cessna 210, Beechcraft Duchess, Beechcraft Baron 55, Piper Navajo, Robinson R22 Helicopter, Flight Simulator Training Device and the desire to deliver the highest quality products and services to the aviation industry. LFC has an excellent record with foreign students who arrive in South Africa for a limited period to complete their flight training in a definite time frame to a recognised global training standard: pilot licences, hour-building, ratings, hire and fly and flying safaris. Ground school training offers: Aero Medicine, Aviation Meteorology, Aircraft Technical and General Radio Aids, Instruments Navigation, General Air Law and Procedures, Navigation Plotting and Flight Planning. If your ultimate goal is to become a professional pilot, FlyLFC aviation academy will assist you in obtaining your Commercial Pilot Licence. The starting point however, remains the Private Pilot Licence. After enrolling at LFC, students will have a medical assessment booked and will receive a PPL Ground School kit. A commercial pilot licence is the last phase of a series of training modules and is laid out as follows: Private Pilot Licence (PPL), night rating, commercial ground school and exams, hour building, instrument rating, multi-engine rating and commercial pilot's rating. Each one of these phases has to be completed. You can then submit your licence to the SACAA and finally receive your Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL). One of the most important aspects of the Commercial Pilot Licence is the completion of commercial ground subjects and examinations. The final phase of preparation for the Commercial Pilot Licence will be done on a variable pitch, retractable gear aircraft. The Multi-engine Rating will allow you as a professional pilot or as a business person more flexibility than single engine operations. Now you need to choose whether you going to take the single engine route or the multi-engine route. Our Grand Central Airport based flight school will advise you regarding your decision. What do I do once I have completed my Commercial Pilot Licence? An instructor's rating will give you the edge over a pilot who does not have the rating, providing you with one more avenue that you can use to gain hours and experience. It also adds experience and value to your CV and career in aviation. Lanseria Flight Centre has graduates who now fly for nearly all the large airlines and corporate operators throughout the world. Some of these include: SAA, Comair, SA Airlink, British Airways, Qantas, Emirates, Cathay, Gulf Air, Aer Lingus, Air Mauritius, as well as the South African Air Force (SAAF) and South African Civil Aviation Authority (SACAA). Lanseria Flight Centre flying school offers a selection of aircraft available for Hire and Fly. You will require a check flight if you have not flown one of our aircraft within the preceding six weeks. We have proven experience in co-ordinating Flying Safaris. There is a wide variety of certified runways, situated not only in South Africa but throughout a select number of countries within the (South African Development Community) SADC region. Air charter is the ultimate business travel choice when time and money are of the essence. Lanseria Flight Centre aircraft are available for short and long-term international lease and contract work. Our services are often utilised for such diverse applications as wildlife relocation, pamphlet distribution during major events and humanitarian aid distribution. Lanseria Flight Centre recommends accommodation in a well-appointed private home. The rates are centred on a bed and breakfast basis.
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Lanseria Flight Centre, Midrand, Johannesburg, South Africa

LFC is conveniently situated at Grand Central Airport, easily accessible from the N1 highway between Johannesburg and Pretoria and within the proximity of the Midrand Gautrain Station and the Civil Aviation Authority.

LFC flight training school South Africa is a dedicated aviation academy recognised by top international airlines for the highest standard in pilot training in South Africa. LFC flying school offers ground school training, private pilot licence, commercial pilot licence, airline pilot licence, simulator, cadet pilot, corporate sponsored pilot and helicopter training. Whether you are an international or South African applicant contact FLYLFC for pilot training costs …

ATPL and EASA Pilot Licence
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