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Aircraft Sales

Join us in our passion for aviation and own your own aircraft!

New Aircraft

LFC offers a unique combination of customer advice and support in aviation. We advise clients on aircraft that will match their unique needs and requirements. Whether you are looking at purchasing an aircraft for investment, fractional ownership, pleasure or business, LFC give you the options and the benefits, including all the right advice about making a decision to buy your own aircraft. More and more businesses are graduating to their own set of wings, and in the process, increasing their ability to navigate a competitive, constantly evolving business landscape.

Furthermore, LFC’s experience in the aviation industry allows us to offer optimal advice on the financial structuring of aircraft acquisitions and the implications of owning an aircraft, operating costs, recommended service centres, and provide a pre-purchase inspection service. We also offer a turnkey operation which includes all aspects of aircraft management such as flight planning, crew provision and maintenance.

Pre-owned Aircraft

To satisfy more immediate requirements, as well as the price differential benefit, you may wish to consider the option of purchasing a pre-owned aircraft. LFC’s worldwide network of contacts in this market allows us to provide a specialised search facility, backed by a full technical evaluation.

Light Sport Aircraft

The sole sales and marketing distributors for Light Sport Aircraft in Africa. The SportCruiser optimises acquisition cost, running cost, size coupled with leading technology, aluminium construction, and the highest level of service available to prospective buyers. Visit www.lightsportaircraft.co.za or e-mail info@flylfc.com to find out more about the SportCruiser aircraft recently launched in Africa…


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