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Instrument Rating

Lanseria Flight Centre’s team of full-time dedicated instructors are fully qualified to comprehensively train you, both theoretically and practically, to obtain your Instrument Rating

Why have an Instrument Rating?

Firstly for safety. You can never fully predict what weather may develop during your flight. You may inadvertently enter bad weather conditions, but if you have an Instrument Rating and keep it current, you and your passengers will proceed to your destination safely and professionally.

Secondly for job opportunities. If you do not have Instrument Rating, it is unlikely that you will be chosen for a job over another pilot who does, simply because the other pilot will be more versatile and flexible for the job at hand. The more qualifications you have, the more likely you are to succeed in this industry.

What are the requirements to obtain the Instrument Rating?

The student has to complete the following steps to obtain the Instrument Rating.

Completion of the theoretical subjects:

  • Aero Medicine
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Aircraft Technical and General
  • Radio Aids
  • Instruments
  • Navigation General
  • Air Law and Procedures
  • Navigation
  • Plotting
  • Flight Planning

You will note that the subjects required for the Instrument Rating are virtually identical to those required for the Commercial Pilot Licence.

40 hours of instrument flying which can be divided into:

  • 20 hours of simulator training on a SACAA-approved simulator
  • 20 hours of instrument flight time dual
  • A practical test by a SACAA-designated examiner

The above structure of hours is determined by whether you have completed your Night Rating as well as your choice of streaming toward multi or single engine.

Instrument rating



By the time you commence the training for your instrument rating you will already have your night rating, which will credit you with 10 hours of basic instrument flying.
The ground school for the instrument rating
15 hours of IFR simulator training
15 hours of IFR dual C172

TOTAL HOURS (single)

If you would like to add a multi IFR to your Licence our suggestion would be to add another 5 hours of IFR dual on the BE76

Payment Terms: At enrolment students are required to contact Accounts to make payment.


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