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Private Pilot Licence

Learning to fly:

Whether you plan on flying purely for pleasure or making a career of it you have to start at the beginning. The Private Pilot Licence is where your adventure in aviation starts.

Once in possession of your Private Pilot Licence:

  • You are permitted to carry passengers
  • Fly for business
  • Fly for pleasure
  • Personal transportation

If your ultimate goal is to become a professional pilot, you will have to obtain a Commercial Pilot Licence. The starting point however, remains the Private Pilot Licence.

What are the requirements for a PPL?

You must be declared medically fit by an aviation qualified medical examiner.
Any normal healthy person should be able to pass the medical fitness test.

Legal Requirements:

  • Be at least 17 years of age in order to go solo
  • Complete 35 hours of dual flight training
  • Complete 15 hours of solo flight time of which 3 hours shall be solo cross country
  • Complete the following theoretical exams:
    • Air Law
    • Meteorology
    • Navigation
    • Radio Telephony Procedures
    • Engines, Airframes and Instruments
    • Principles of Flight
  • Pass a flight test consisting of general handling and a navigation test
  • Have completed a restricted radio course (this is part of your PPL course)

What happens when I arrive at Lanseria Flight Centre?

  • After joining LFC, students will have a medical assessment booked and will receive a pilot kit
  • The course is structured in such a manner that all reference material is available to students enabling accurate preparation of lessons
  • Each student is assigned a specific instructor to guide them through the course
  • Each two hour time slot allows for a pre-flight brief and a de-brief after each flight.

Additional lecture subjects include: meteorology, navigation, engine and airframes

Training Aircraft:
Currently all our ab-initio is conducted on a Robinson R22

Private Pilot Licence Quotation

6 – 8 Weeks
Medical examination carried out by SA Doctor
Student and Private Pilot Licence fee
Chest X-rays
2 Passport photos
50 hours of flight training on R22 (35 dual, 15 solo)
Pilot kit
(required books, manuals, maps, rulers, protractors, fuel testers & flight computers)
Radio course and licence
Private pilot lectures and courses
(aircraft technical, principles of flight, air law, meteorology, navigation)
Landing Fees calculated as you fly
Private Pilot Licence

Payment Terms: At enrolment students are required to contact Accounts to make payment.


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