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international students

international students with pilot licence

International Students

We offer flight training to students in Southern Africa as well as the UK, UAE and Asia

Private Pilot Licence

Initial training is conducted in the Cessna 172. At the completion of Basic Training local students are required to complete 45 hours of flying to obtain a SA CAA PPL.

International students wanting to obtain a UK JAA licence have the option of completing a minimum of 45 hours of Basic Training in SA. The International student may complete the UK JAA PPL exams and a flight test to obtain a UK JAA PPL licence.

Click here to visit PPL course structure

Commercial Pilot Licence

The Commercial Pilots Licence training is conducted in the Cessna 172. The option is given to continue training on additional aircraft (additional cost will apply). At the completion of the Commercial Pilot Training students will have completed approximately 200 hours of flying and will be trained to a South African CAA Commercial Pilot Standard. This is widely recognised and respected throughout the world.

Click here to visit the breakdown of the CPL course structure

Advanced Training

  1. Helicopter Training
  2. Night Rating
  3. Instrument Rating
  4. Type Ratings
  5. Instructor Rating
  6. Turbine Rating
  7. CRM Course
  8. Dangerous Goods Course

Fly Yourself - Hour Building & South Africa Touring Itineraries

Perhaps you already have an overseas licence and would just like to look at hour building in South Africa. LFC can tailor an all-inclusive itinerary to suit your timeframe, budget and preferred destinations.

All your accommodation and activities will be arranged to suit your age and desires. An exciting adventure awaits you with a combination of 'South African' hospitality, luxury venues and fabulous food and wine.

Click here to visit our section on Flying Safaris

English Requirements

LFC uses an International English Language Testing System for entry into its flight training programmes. IELTS is the standard that is used in the South African education system and students need a good result to ensure that they can enter the course they need. A minimum score of 6.0 is required to commence flight training in South Africa. All the theory and radio communications are in English so it is important that the student has competency in this language.

Converting Your SA Licence

A SA CPL is widely respected throughout the world and while it is recognised in other countries you will have to convert your SA licence to fly in other countries. This is a fairly straight forward process and normally involves theory particular to the country concerned and another flight test.

As an ICAO member state, any flight training conducted in South Africa will count towards your requirements for JAA and FAA countries.

You will not have to start your training from the beginning and should not be intimidated by this process. Training in South Africa will prove to be hugely beneficial because of the high quality of our extensive training programmes. While there is a certain syllabus we must follow, we can tailor parts of your flight training to meet your individual requirements. The current exchange rates are in your favour as we can provide more training for your money in South Africa.

Please contact us for more information.

Medical Certificates and Exams

Medical Certificates

Medical Certificates must be held and maintained by all levels of pilots and are divided into two categories. You will need a Class 2 Medical to hold a SA Private Pilots Licence and a Class 1 Medical to hold a SA Commercial Pilots Licence.

The medical is issued by a Civil Aviation Approved Medical Examiner

SA Validations

Click here to visit section on Validations


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